Anti-Radiation Phone Case Protects You from the Harmful Radiation of Smartphones

Anti-Radiation Phone Case Protects You from the Harmful Radiation of Smartphones

Key facts:

  • Mobile phones or smartphones are part and parcel of the modern life
  • Over 600 million people use smartphones in India
  • The electromagnetic waves created by smartphones have potential carcinogenic effects on the human body
  • The electromagnetic radiation of smartphones and radio frequencies of the mobile towers have thermal effects on the human body
  • Several studies are conducted on the potential long-term effects of mobile phones
  • WHO is conducting studies to find the risk of overexposure to radio frequency
  • Anti-radiation phone case and other similar products can reduce the ill-effects of all types of mobile radiations 

Mobile phones or smartphones are an integral part of modern lifestyle and telecommunications. The use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly all over the world including India. Given the increasing number of mobile phone users across the world, it is high time that we consider the adversities of mobile phone usage. Mobile phones including smartphones communicate by transmitting radio frequencies (RFs) through a complex network of antennas and mobile towers. RFs have thermal effects on the human body and the radiation can easily penetrate the skin and bones.

Exposure levels of RFs

Mobile phones emanate RFs at different levels depending on the kinds of phones and bands in use such as 2G, 3G, and 5G phones. Mobile phones are designed to catch RFs from the nearest mobile towers. The frequencies stay within the limit of 450MHz to 2700MHz. The RF exposure falls off with the increasing distance from the handset. When you are using the phone for texting keeping it 30-40cm away the exposure level decreases while speaking with someone keeping the phone close to your ears increases the exposure. Mobile phones are normally prohibited inside the hospital and airplanes because the RFs can intervene with the frequency signals of many devices used there. This makes it clear that mobile RFs can affect the environment so also the human body. 

Health effects of mobile radiations

Mobile radiation has both short-term and long-term effects on the human body. The thermal effects have direct impacts on the skin, ears, eyes, and muscles. People using mobile phones 8-10 hours every day feels less energetic and feels lazy than others who are not exposed much to mobile RFs.

The long-term effects of mobile radiation can be severe and diverse like neurological issues, reproductive issues, development of brain tumors, psychological issues, higher stress levels, and development of malignant tissues.

Protection from mobile radiation

The best remedy is anti-radiation mobile case. It’s available online and easy to install on your mobile like any ordinary phone case. Its radiation protecting capacity is scientifically proven. Once installed, it can protect you from the harmful effects of mobile radiation.

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