Know More About Banana Chips Price in Kerala

Similar to sweets, salty snacks are another popular food in India. In the southern part of India, there grows an abundance of raw bananas in that region. The people from the south cultivate bananas to prepare one of the most popular and delicious salty snacks known as Banana Chips. The different states of South India are famous for banana plantations as well as for transforming the slices of bananas into a form of chips.

This salty and tasty snack is preferred by people of all age groups. Though this sweet savory Indian snack is an essential part of the vegetarian meal of Kerala it is mainly prepared for the popular festival of Kerala called Onam. However, if you want to taste this culinary spread from Kerala and know the banana chips price in Kerala then get them ordered from a reliable online store.

Benefits of Banana Chips

Banana is known to be a rich source of potassium and fiber and low in potassium. Moreover, the banana chips made from it are fried coconut oil which has various health benefits as well. So, it is regardless to say that banana chips are a healthy snack option for different age groups. Following are some of the health benefits discussed:

  • Banana chips are high in important vitamins, mainly magnesium which is essential for cell-to-cell communication, energy production, cell proliferation, and DNA synthesis.
  • Since it contains lesser salt it does not increase the blood pressure level unlike the potato chips available in the market.
  • Since these chips are high in calories keep your body energized.

Available Banana Chips online

An assorted range of banana chips is available on the online store of Let us have a look at the banana chips price in Kerala available on this online store:

  • Nagercoil Nendran Banana Chips: The mouth-watering taste and thickness of these banana chips come from a locally grown banana of Kerala. The thick slices of Nendran bananas are fried in pure coconut oil and salt is sprinkled over them to get the most amazing taste. This traditional recipe of Kerala is made hygienically and with the best quality products. Moreover, it is an absolutely vegetarian, vegan, and gluten product that can be consumed by all.
  • Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips:  In this traditional recipe of Kerala, the banana chips are fried in pure coconut oil to provide you the authentic flavor. The crunchy and tasty chips are made with raw Nendran banana, salt, and coconut oil. Apart from that, it is free from any artificial colors or flavors.

However, the price ranges of the above-mentioned variety of Kerala banana chips are Rs.134 to Rs.159. If you want to have an idea of banana chips price in Kerala and get the tastiest one to be delivered to your doorstep then visit the online store of for a greater variety at an affordable price. Moreover, they also ensure deliver the products are packed in a certain way that prevents breakage and retains their freshness.

Buy Kerala Banana Chips online

Kerala banana chips are hugely popular across the country. These delicious chips are available online at

  • Select your products on the site and add them to the cart.
  • Include all necessary information like your name and address – this will keep you registered with the site.
  • Pay online through a secure payment gateway.
  • Get your products delivered to the given address.

You can also send the banana chips online to anyone you like. Buyers often gift these products to their relatives and close acquaintances.

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