Best Bulk SMS Service Provider in India

What makes your business strong and sustainable? Of course, your customer base. But, what keeps your customers brand-oriented? There are several factors responsible for brand orientation. Maintaining steady communication with the customers and keeping them informed is pivotal to customer brand orientation. Among various ways of digital communication systems available today, SMS is the oldest one.

It’s also the most effective one since research shows that people read SMS more frequently than any other digital message like email or social media messages. Take advantage of bulk SMS service to reach maximum customers in a minimum time. The best bulk sms service provider in India offers excellent SMS services with multiple aligned tools and processes to reach any audience in India.

Send hundreds of messages in a minute

In simple terms, bulk SMS means sending a similar message to a huge number of people at a time. That number can even be millions depending on the content type. Most business houses including companies in finance and insurance, the healthcare sector, and education institutions use this form of messaging to send important messages and updates to clients, suppliers, agents, members, employees, and students.

Why is bulk SMS marketing effective?

The procedure of these messages is cost-effective as well as fast. Most people carry their mobiles with them throughout the day. That’s why if you send an SMS to someone, the chance to read your message increases. In most cases, according to the research, text messages are being read by nine out of 10 people within 3 minutes of receiving the messages. The reliability of the delivery of text messages makes them popular.

How to Use Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Business?

If you are willing to implement the bulk SMS messaging service in your business, your first task is to create a marketing list. Hence, permission from every person on the list is necessary because it is not legal to message someone without their consent. Remember that multiple rules can have an impact on text messaging for different marketing reasons. Therefore, your task is to check the regulations in your country.

Key Features of Bulk Message Service

Reach potential customers

With this service, you can easily reach your potential customers since most people these days at least have one mobile phone.

Cheapest digital communication

It is the cheapest possible digital communication medium. With bulk SMS service, your SMS will reach your target audience at a minimum cost.  

Customizable service

You can message anything including important updates, reminders, information, reports, and OTPs.

Quickest possible delivery

Within a minute 90% of messages are delivered as per your targeted market segment.


The importance of bulk SMS messaging services is growing continuously in India. MYSMSMANTRA offers this service in India with multiple accessory services. With their comprehensive bulk SMS service at a reasonable price, manage this form of highly result-oriented communication system easily from your laptop and smartphone. The best bulk sms service provider in India offers an efficient dashboard, SMS in different languages, Sender ID, and dynamic Excel upload.

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