Why Do People Look for the Best Hotels in Uganda?

Have Uganda in mind for your next vacation? It’s where you can taste the most ancient cultures of the world and the best wilderness. Look for the best hotels in Uganda to enjoy your vacation there to the fullest. 

Uganda is a nice combination of hundreds of ethnic groups that have emerged from the east, west, north, central, and south of Africa. Each group has its unique norms, customs, and languages. In Uganda, more than fifty languages are spoken and this cultural diversity proposes curious and keen travelers a highly enjoyable and real experience. If you are the one who has visited Uganda, the first thing you must do is visit a specific city from where you can shift to another point easily.

Among many cities, Mbale is the one. This city has lots of efficient public transportation and it means, you will be able to see lots of taxis, motorbike taxis, and minibusses. The notable thing is the price of these public transportation choices is affordable. When people prefer to use one of these means of public transportation, they will not be required to spend lots of money as far. It means, they will be able to save a considerable amount of money that they can spend on staying in the best hotels in Uganda.

Some Notable Hotels in Uganda

If you visit Uganda, you can think of staying in one of the best hotels in Uganda. The names of some hotels are mentioned below:

  • Kampala Serene Hotel – Kampala Serene Hotel is located in the center of Uganda and it is only 40 kilometers from the Airport. This hotel has many rooms that are sufficiently large where you can relax and get good fresh air.
  • Serena Lake Victoria Hotel – The Serena Lake Victoria Hotel is regarded as one of the biggest lakes in Africa and it is situated only some km from the Airport. People can stay in this hotel relaxed and enjoy their honeymoon.
  • Emini Pasha Hotel – This hotel is peaceful and perfect and has big mature trees, scented vines, and flowering shrubs. Emini Pasha Hotel has 20 rooms and people who stay here enjoy superb services and personal attention.
  • Sheraton Kampala Hotel – Sheraton Kampala Hotel is located close to the shopping malls and it offers services that are of international standards. This hotel is popular for providing the best services to its customers.
  • Central Inn Hotel – This hotel has well-decorated rooms that can satisfy people’s stay here. Central Inn Hotel welcomes its customers with its lavishing gardens, big and nice restaurant, and a good lounge.
  • Nile Resort Hotel – Nile Resort Hotel is regarded as one of the finest hotels in the countryside and it is situated 80 kilometers away from the biggest city of the capital of Uganda. Nile Resort Hotel is ideal for meetings, business retreats, etc.
  • Wild-waters lodge – Wild-waters Lodge is situated on one of the large islands and its canvas walled and expansive thatched rooms have elegant wash basins and free-standing baths. This hotel has wooden walkways that connect every well-built cottage to the chief restaurant proposing people a memorable walk.
  • The Haven Lodge – This lodge is located well which is why it is a favorite with countless people who visit Uganda. Visitors who stay in this lodge enjoy the breathtaking and tranquil view of the rafting Adventure. The restaurant is situated in the center of the lodge which overlooks the waterfall and the river Nile.

People find some of the best hotels in Uganda on Ababa Uganda Safaris. Perhaps this is the best option to book the best or most affordable hotel in that country along with your tour package. They also find many budget accommodations, such as tents/campsites, guesthouses, or hostels. Again, you will also come across mid-range options as they are a little more spacious. And the best thing is you will get luxurious hotels too.

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