Best Safari in Uganda: Mind-Blowing Natural Beauty and Centuries-Old Tribes and Traditions

Uganda is regarded as the dream destination for countless people who look for the ultimate primate safari. People can see chimpanzees roaming in large numbers in Queen Elizabeth and Kibale National Park. Again, they can also see vervet monkeys, colobus monkeys, de Brazza monkeys besides many other species. Birders opt for the best safari in Uganda because Uganda has many species among its differing habitats. If you are a keen birder, you will get to see dwarf honeyguide, purple-breasted sunbird, excellent-looking francolin, and many other species of birds that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Explore by boat or vehicle

Uganda outshines other safari destinations because of its various species and lush habitats. It is considered a magnificent destination for customary safari either by boat or vehicle. If you are looking for something vibrant and fresh, then you will find Uganda to be unmatched for you.

The ideal time to visit Uganda

People can visit Uganda anytime as it is a superb year-round destination. However, the rainy seasons, such as from March-May and November–December make logistics slightly tricky because rain makes the process tough for tracking in Kibale, Mgahinga, and Bwindi. Rain makes the slopes of mountains muddy. The location of Uganda is equatorial and its higher altitude does not allow people to experience the scorching heat of the sun. Hence, the weather in this place remains temperate throughout the year. The high season for a safari in Uganda falls with other destinations of East Africa and it means during the winter months from June-October.

What should you pack for a safari in Uganda?

Every person who opts for a safari in Uganda should have a fundamental packing list and it must have comfortable clothes and practical clothing. People must also take their preferred sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat so that they can shield themselves from the scorching savannah sun. Based on the time when you travel beside the national park that you wish to visit, you must carry rain gear or warm clothing.

The activities you need to do in Uganda

When people look for the best safari in Uganda, they think of many activities and they improve people’s experience. Some activities in which you can involve yourself:

  • Chimpanzee tracking – For seeing chimpanzees, you need to visit Murchison Falls or Queen Elizabeth Park where you will find thick forests with many chimpanzees.
  • Gorilla trekking – Gorilla trekking is another popular and interesting safari in Uganda.
  • Bird watching – Many wildlife parks in Uganda have several bird species and people love to watch them.
  • Community visits – You can get involved in community visits as they will allow you in seeing the natural beauty of Uganda and its landscape.

Ababa Uganda Safari offers various tour packages to international tourists. When you wish to experience the best safari in Uganda, you must prepare in time. Additionally, you need to sort out the most essential things, such as medical consultation, visas, insurance, packing lists, flights, and other things.

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