7 Hookah Flavours that You Should Not Miss from the Best Shisha in Oakville

Get your hands on the best shisha in Oakville, available only at Shisha Mart Canada. Knowing about the love for exploring new hookah flavours, we have a list of them below.

Have a look at it and try your hands on the same: 

  • Al Fakher Two Apples: This is a well-known hookah flavour in the category. This dual apple flavour has a distinguished past and is still a favourite of many. Some smokers dislike the Al Fakher flavour as many hookah bars will designate certain pipes that are only used for Two Apples because the flavour is difficult to remove from the stem and hose of the hookah. 
  • Serbetli Marbella: For all hookah enthusiasts, Serbetli Marbella is the ultimate indulgence and can be grabbed at the best shisha in Oakville. Rich cherry and creamy caramel combine to provide an appealing delicacy, each with a distinct flavour and texture. The chocolate flavour is added for an additional layer of smoothness that is sure to please. Take advantage of the distinct depth of flavour and texture that only Serbetli Marbella shisha can offer; it will enhance your hookah experience.
  • Starbuzz Code 69: One of the nicest flavours is this fruity flavour. As soon as Code 69 hits your taste senses, you’ll be craving more thanks to its sweet aroma, including notes of sour cherry, orange, and passion fruit. Code 69 offers the ideal smoke thickness for a pleasurable smoking experience without being overly thick or heavy, as with all Starbuzz flavours.
  • Element Water Line Grapefruit & Pomelo: If you’re seeking the ideal shisha tobacco flavour to give your winter hookah sessions a unique flair, Water Line Grapefruit & Pomelo by Element is the answer! This unusual mixture creates a tart, reviving taste by blending sweet with sour. With powerful smells and notes of fresh acidity, Element perfectly replicates the flavour of actual fruit. You will thus appreciate a fresh new shisha flavour that perfectly combines acidity and sweetness. Grapefruit & Pomelo offers a vibrant hookah flavour that will make every puff count, whether it’s for an evening hangout or a more relaxed daytime session.
  • Al Fakher Mint: The wonderfully balanced medium-strong mint flavour of Al Fakher Mint hookah tobacco is available. This distinctive Al Fakher flavour is excellent for smoking on its own or as a supplement to any blend because it creates a lot of smoke and lasts for a fair amount of time.
  • Adalya Love 66: This is one of the top hookah flavours available as it is moderately thickly chopped and coloured crimson. If you want fruity or sweet-tasting shishas, this delightful blend will make your taste buds tingle with its sweet but not overly sugary flavour.
  • Fumari Blueberry Muffin: Every time you pack yourself a bowl of this shisha, it will transport you back to your grandmother’s home thanks to its sweet yet buttery flavour that has been perfected with a fresh taste of tart blueberries.

All these hookah flavours will level up your taste and make the experience worthwhile for you and your friends. Grab these and many other exclusive flavours at Shisha Mart Canada, which has the best shisha in Oakville.

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