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smartwatch is a wearable watch with a local touchscreen interface for daily use. It comes with an associated smartphone app that manages and telemetrizes long-term biomonitoring.

Smartwatches then…

Earlier smartwatches used to perform basic tasks, such as the following:

  • Calculations
  • Digital time telling
  • Translations
  • Game-playing

Smartwatches now…

But we have seen a boom in the smartwatch businesses since 2015, Smartwatches have now incorporated more functionality in lines of smartphones, such as:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Operating System
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable Media Players
  • FM radio
  • Digital Audio and Video files playback feature via Bluetooth headset

Some smartwatches even have mobile cellular functionality such as making telephone calls.

Features of a Smartwatch

Today’s smartwatch models are completely functional as standalone products. They find extensive applications in the arena of sports and more. It uses a GPS tracking unit to record historical data.

For instance, you can upload online data onto a computer to create a log of activities after a workout for analysis. Some other features that a smartwatch can provide are:

  • Full GPS support
  • Maps and Current coordinates display
  • Recording Tracks
  • Bookmarking locations

Market of Smartwatches in India

Technology giants, such as Apple, Sony, and Samsung are periodically introducing smartwatch models. Today, more than twelve percent of tech consumers use wearable technologies, which in turn attract advertisers.

The market expense on wearable device advertisements has increased heavily by 2017 as the industry has introduced advanced hyper-targeting modules to these devices. Today, most companies use advertisements tailored for smartwatches.

Is choosing Smartwatches a pickle in India?

With such a wide array of company smartwatches available in the market, and the growing market for smartwatches in India, the task of choosing the right smartwatch becomes uphill. A lot of time will go into research to assess the best smartwatch as per your needs. This need is not ubiquitous to all, and is subjective, to the requirements and budget of the wearer.

One requires a great deal of material and expert advice to make a purchasing decision in this regard. For such purposes, you can refer to the GamingView website.

GamingView: The best site to get authentic Smartwatches Reviews online

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