Beware of Online Scams: Shop Online with 6 Safe Tips

With the enhanced purchasing power vested in user’s hands, buying everything is enabled on fingertips. While the allure of shopping online is irresistible since it is convenient and safe, there are many factors that one must consider while making day to day transactions online.  So if you are buying Mens Tshirt online shopping India or groceries or a toy for your kid, the below mentioned tips will come handy in your next shopping experience.

Some tips to keep in mind which are way beyond the price are listed below:

  • Transact within a safe network: Plastic money is also easy to steal if you are not cautious at how much and with whom you are sharing the details. It is best to shop within a safe network connected to your home. Shopping through public or free wi-fi can be but can also makes you prone to data leaks and cybercrimes. A safe network will always protect you as it generates an encrypted tunnel between the server and your computer, without offering data access to any outside party.
  • Choose the online app wisely: this is another crucial thing to consider since social media lures the buyers to many unsafe shopping websites. Be careful of the fake apps that are often a replica of various e-commerce sites. Read the permissions before clicking ok since such apps can provide access to pictures, camera, contacts, microphone, and keystrokes which saves the credit card data. Always choose a trusted site such as 3rd Planet for Mens Tshirt online shopping India.
  • Stay away from deals that are too good to be true: Be mindful of clicking on websites that display unbelievable deals at an unbelievable price. These are mostly set to steal money or steal personal information. Also, make sure to compare these prices and deals across various websites or apps since a lot of difference in prices can be a red flag.
  • Make secure payments: Make sure that you are plugged on to Secure Payments Gateway. When you check out, double check that the site is leading you to a secure payment gateway for transacting. Also, keep an eye on your bank account statement to ensure that there are no deviant transactions. As soon as you see a devious transaction, reach out to your bank and raise the issue.
  • Search wisely: Always restrict permissions while you are browsing for deals online. Any site that has its URL starting with ‘http’ instead of ‘https’, make sure you immediately exit that site and do not continue. Do check for the lock icon in the browser bar of the site so that it hints using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Keep your devices updated and protected with anti-virus software to avoid any data theft.

With the online shopping comfort comes a great deal of responsibility and cautiousness. To ensure that everything is ordered right without exposing your details to theft and cyber crimes, always follow the above mentioned tips to stay safe.

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