Criminal Defence Attorney Toronto

A defence lawyer in Toronto is the legal representative of a person in a court of law or to police who is charged with criminal activity. The Criminal defence attorney Toronto is a legal expert and legal advisor who understands the law and legal procedures better than the accused individual or group. This expert legal advisor helps the accused individual in all possible ways with necessary legal advice. When necessary he also represents his client.

Roles of People in Court

After an individual is charged with a crime by the police under one or more Acts and sections, a judge and jury hear what the police and the person want to say. The law enforcers try to prove that the person is accused of the crime and they produce the legal evidence to support their view. On the other hand, the person called the “accused of the case” brings evidence in his defence. They are represented by a “prosecutor”. On many occasions, the victim of the case whom the police want to give justice to or who has made the complaint is also called to prove his points. In this situation, the criminal defence attorney Toronto represents the accused with evidence as per the provisions of the legal framework of Canada to prove that his client is not guilty. A person charged with a crime cannot be given any punishment until he is proven guilty in the case. In court, the prosecutor has to prove that the accused is guilty while the defence lawyer needs to counter the prosecutor on his or her client’s behalf to prove that the accused is not a criminal or that he or she has not committed any crime or was not a part of the crime.

The Legal Battle is Tough and Complicated

The “corpus of law” dealing with crime and punishment is known as penal law or criminal law. A crime is committed when you do something that is against the law of the land. Again, if you fail to do something that violates the legal provisions of the land, you still commit a crime. If there is any kind of activity that puts the property, health, or safety of others in danger, the activity can be produced in court as a criminal activity. Lawyers who come in defence of the people or businesses accused of any kind of criminal activity are defence lawyers. They play a vital role in protecting individuals or groups from unwanted stress and tension that they bear when facing the police or when taken to police custody for interviews. FMK Law Group offers expert legal services in this genre.  

What Does a Defence Lawyer Do?

criminal defence attorney Toronto plays a vital role in representing his client and proving that his client was not a part of the crime or there was no criminal activity. At trial, the defence lawyer –

  • Produces all kinds of legal documents and proves to make it clear that his client is not a part of the case.
  • Questions the evidence put forward by the other party from different angles.
  • Thoroughly examine the documents produced by the other party to cross-check their legality.
  • Brings legal evidence on behalf of his client to prove that his client is wrongfully accused.
  • Explores all other avenues through which the case can be explained and debated in court.

Top defence attorneys associated with FMK Law Group are responsible for putting forward an effective and strong defence and planning a winning strategy for their clients. FMK Law Group offers free initial consultation. Experienced attorneys, and block fees.

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