Why Do People Love to Eat Dal Ki Chutney?

Pickles, chutneys, and various other condiments seem to be hugely important in the cuisines of India. Due to this, you can use many ingredients for preparing chutneys. Some notable ingredients are curd, lentils, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, etc. For countless people from all across the globe, chutneys seem to be omnipresent in their meals. Dal ki chutney is gluten-free and vega and it is one of the recipes that work as a fast fix for nearly all the snacks of South India.

Chana Dal Chutney: A Vital Information

Chana dal are brown or black chickpea lentils and they are hulled. You can either split them or eat them whole. For preparing lentil-based dishes, you can split or hull chana dal. When you make dal chutney, you need to use roasted lentils and they are regarded as the chief ingredient. Besides this dal, you have to include three more components, such as green chillies, ginger, and some coconut. You have to grind all these ingredients and then temper them with curry leaves and mustard leaves. When you wish to get the traditional mouth taste and feel of the chutney, you need to include some fresh coconut. At times, you do not have coconut at home and in that condition, you can use desiccated coconut.

You can pair dosas, uttapam, medu vada, and idli with chana dal ki chutney. The best thing is you can pack this chutney with many other kinds of snacks for your tiffin too. You can get roasted chana dal in the majority of offline as well as online stores.

The Ingredients You Can Use

Though you have eaten several kinds of chutneys you must give dal chutney a try. The most important thing is you can easily prepare it and you will get a new variation of chutney. Even if you don’t love to eat lentils, you will love this chutney as you can prepare this chutney simply by including roasted coriander, curry leaves, onion, chilli, and cumin, and all these ingredients enhance the taste of this chutney.

The Serving Process

You can serve chana dal chutney with various breakfast items from South India, such as uttapams, dosa, and idli. For preparing this chutney, you need to saute the lentils on a medium-low flame and it will not burn the chana dal. Again, you have to adjust the spice based on your preferences. If you wish, you can use red chilli rather than green chilli as it would increase the heat. And when you don’t love tamarind, you can add a little lime juice. Skipping the garlic and using a pinch of asafetida too will turn out to be a great idea for making chana dal chutney.

The Bottom Line

If you find eating idli, dosa, or uttapam with simple sambhar you can try chana dal ki chutney. This chutney has a superb taste and you can prepare it easily. After making this chutney, you can store it for two to three days in an airtight container in the refrigerator. On Mirchibites.com order this delicious chutney online and get them delivered to your home.

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