Do You Know the Difference Between Frontal and Closure?

Women who use hair extensions, buy and maintain both frontals and closures. Hair extensions have diverse uses. It increases the length and volume while helping you to stay up-to-date with your hairstyle. But, do you know the difference between frontal and closure? Which one do you need to select over the other?

Hair Closure

The purpose of a hair closure is to mingle nicely with your natural scalp and provide a natural lavish look to your hair. A hair closure is placed on the top or frontal part of the head. Usually, the closure measures different sizes like 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7 inches, etc. You can check different types of hair closures available on Elleloise Hair. They provide complete information on each type of hair closure. Raw Cambodian curly closure, Raw Burmese curly closure, Raw Vietnamese straight closure, etc. are some of the best natural choices in this section.


Women who have thinning edges must go with the frontal. It is possible to cover your lost hair along the hairline using an ear-to-ear frontal. This one is a half wig that can go from ear to ear. Usually, it has versatile uses. Using a 360 frontal, you will be able to try different hairstyles. For instance, you can try pulled-back styles. 13×4 inches is the standard frontal size. Although these are more expensive, you need to use only a few hair bundles to mask your lost hair. A hair frontal provides a realistic hairline. It enhances the hair volume which makes it possible to style your hair in different ways. Elleloise Hair is an authentic source of hair frontals of Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Burmese quality.

Frontal and Closure What’s The difference?

  • Size is the main factor that differentiates these two — frontal & closure. While 4×4 inches is the size of closures, frontals are available in 13×4 inches in size. As the frontal goes from ear to ear, you can get greater coverage. Thus, you can part hair at any place.
  • Another difference between frontal and closure is versatility. Closures can measure 4″×4″. So, it requires very little maintenance. These can be used for recreating the natural parting of the hairline.
  • Another major difference between frontal and closure is cost. While frontals are more expensive, closures are suitable for regular use and for those who want to maintain the middle parting style. Both of these can be sewn into a wig. But the frontal can offer the most styling versatility.

End note

After knowing the difference between frontal and closure, we hope that you have understood which one you need to go. Elleloise Hair offers the purest quality raw & unaltered human hair extension. The exceptional quality control system makes the company exceptional and they ensure that you will get maximum fullness & smooth blending using their hair extensions.

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