How to Find a Good English Medium School in Gorakhpur?

An English Medium School is an educational system that uses English as the primary medium of instruction. Such is the case with institutes where English is not the mother tongue of the students. This association can be attributed to the expansion of English from England and the low lands of Scotland and its spread to the rest of the Britain Empire, beginning in the sixteenth century.

Top School in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh

Rise of English Medium Schools around the World

The rise of the Colonial Empire increased the language’s spread to British colonies and remained there as the medium of education. Because of the economic and cultural influence of the United States in the mid-twentieth century, English has furthered around the globe. With the rapid spread of the Internet and other technologies, many states throughout the world where English is not the predominant language have English-medium schools.

English is also prevalent in higher education. Due to the recent trend towards internationalization, many post-graduate courses, particularly at the Master’s level, are being taught in English.

Higher Education English Instruction Module

The following two instruction modules are widely followed across the globe:

  • English-Medium Instruction (EMI)
  • Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education (ICLHE)

English Medium Schools in India

India, one of the major colonies of the doomed British Empire, has the most literacy in the English Language as a Nation on the entire planet. With the utmost economic utility of English as a modern language, it is obvious to have major English medium institutions in India. There are many brands of English Institutions in the country, but the most prominent one is the Vertex Global School. Let us learn about the Vertex School in the next section.

Vertex Global: Best Choice for English Medium School

Vertex Global School is one of the finest English medium schools in India with a dedicated CBSE board curriculum. Our Senior Secondary School follows the CBSE Board pattern. As a Senior Secondary School, VERTEX Global is a place where children run to school not because they ‘want to’, and not ‘have to’.

Vertex Global School was founded in 2012 by the Triveni Educational Trust as a 10+2 co-educational English Medium School. It is a CBSE-affiliated school with headquarters in New Delhi.

Vertex Global School in Gorakhpur: Best in English Medium Instructions

Apart from Delhi, we have a dedicated branch at Sardar Nagar, Deoria Road, Gorakhpur. In Gorakhpur, we are listed as the Most Awarded English Medium CBSE School, and also as a Top School in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh.

What’s there for you at Vertex?

VERTEX Global is a pioneer in quality education. Our in-house R&D division is constantly tuned into the newest technologies. Along with the best team of academicians, VERTEX dedicates itself to constantly upgrading the futuristic VEP system of education. It is one of a kind in the Uttar Pradesh school fraternity. As a dynamic educational community, Vertex Global is created by the interaction of committed faculty as well as enthusiastic parents.

  • Pre-Primary Wing: This program comprises the following Play Way for students in toddler age in which the School follows an integrated curriculum:
  • Playway
  • Nursery
  • Lower Kindergarten (LKG)
  • Upper Kindergarten (UKG)
  • Primary Wing: This Wing at Vertex Global includes standards I-VI, as a myriad selection of co-curricular activities.
  • Middle School: The Middle School course is designed for class 6th students to give them an edge in preparation for the scientific Olympiads.
  • Secondary School: Our Secondary School Vision course is designed for class VIII students with an aim to build their conceptual framework in tackling academic as well as competitive examinations.
  • Senior Wing: Our Senior Wing follows a systematic method of student evaluation based on projects and assignments as per the CBSE framework guidelines.
  • Smart Classes: The latest of all, our digital classrooms are equipped with audio-video techniques based on smart tutoring principles.

All these sections of our system primarily use English as an instruction medium for our students.

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