How to Become IRCTC Agent?

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is a public sector undertaking under the administration of Indian Railways. It is established by the Government of India to manage catering, ticketing, and tourism services of Indian Railways. This means the basic railway activities related to customer services are the responsibilities of IRCTC. You can systematically obtain an IRCTC agency. Having an IRCTC agency means a complete capacity to book tickets for your customer who want to avail of railways services.

Do You Want to Know, How to Become IRCTC Agent?

There is an easy process that would take a few days, not even a week to complete. You can become an independent e-ticket seller for Indian Railways. That would be wonderful for your career as well as the local community where your business is located.

What is the IRCTC Agency?

IRCTC doesn’t provide end-customer service for railway ticketing on its own. This is called e-ticketing where railway tickets are made available in your local market or from an outlet in your community. IRCTC has several principal agents in India such as SiOnline. These principal agents are authorized to extend the e-ticketing and tourism business of IRCTC by offering retail e-ticketing agencies to willing railway ticket sellers. IRCTC will provide the required system and certification for this purpose. That means, you receive your ticket-selling authority from SiOnline but you would become an agent of IRCTC directly. You will be able to sell any number of tickets for any railway station in India. for every PNR, you will earn a commission. In this way, thousands of ticketing agents in different parts of the country earn handsome amounts. You need to know, how to become IRCTC agent.

Become an IRCTC Agent

Obtaining an IRCTC agency is not tough today. You can apply for such an agency online and get it within a few days. In fact, it doesn’t take even a week. It is not an expensive matter as well. You need a retail outlet where from you can serve your customers in this matter. You need a computer system with a printer to print the tickets, an internet connection, and a telephone connection. These are the basic requirements to start IRCTC e-ticketing services. with SiOnline you can get all information regarding this system. They can clear all your queries. You can obtain all details on their website as well.

  • First, you have to register with SiOnline which is an authorized principal agent of SiOnline. Keep in mind, IRCTC doesn’t offer any retail agency directly.
  • As you will show your interest, customer service will call you to inform you about various aspects of this agency system.
  • They will provide an agency form and ask for KYC.
  • They will also ask for the first installment for obtaining the IRCTC agency.
  • After the completion of all these steps, they will verify your status through video verification.
  • Lastly, you will be asked to make the last installment.
  • After getting the last installment you will get your agency certification and dongle delivered to your address.

This is how to become IRCTC agent. This is the easiest way to become an authorized agent of IRCTC and start earning by selling tickets on behalf of IRCTC. At the same time, you will become authorized to cancel the online booking as well. For every activity such as PNR generation, you will earn a commission. With this capacity, you will able to book any number of tickets for any class of passengers such as sleeper class, AC first class, AC second class, etc. You will also get your name printed on every ticket and one day of credit from SiOnline.

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