What Is Human Hair Closure And Benefits Of Using It?

You may find styling your hair challenging when it doesn’t cooperate with you. Besides, it’s hard to style hair if it is very thin. Fortunately, ‌ wigs and hair extensions like hair closures can offer the look you need. However, knowing various types, sizes, and length is essential. Before that, you need to know what human hair closure is.

What is a human hair closure?

It is a kind of wig or hair extension that you can place on the scalp’s middle. You can use the hair extensions to have a middle or side part. Instead of wigs or other hair extensions, several people wear these as closures that can be worn & maintained easily. However, closure is added to woven hair.

It is similar to frontal, but it has more limitations regarding styling. Closure refers to a 4×4-inch patch that could be placed on the hairpiece’s middle front section rather than a strip of scalp-like material. You can buy Closures separately. Usually, these are available in a bunch with hair extensions or a sew-in wig. It is possible to sew the hairpiece to the wig and glue them, or you are capable of using strong double-sided tape to place this. You may confuse closures sometimes with another hair extension, the frontals.

Types of hair closure

Lace base and silk base are the two kinds of closure. Compared to lace base closure, silk base closure is more famous because it can offer a more realistic look. Using the hair closure, you will be able to get a better and more natural look. It is possible to select a lighter or darker base so that you can copy the scalp tone. However, it is not as thick as the lace base.

The flexibility of Laced closures is more than the other one. Therefore, these can fit any head. Hair closure strands are attached to a lace base containing a woven grid line. You should know that these are not as thick as the silk closures, indicating that less heat is in your head. 

Benefits of hair Closures

Match up the hair texture

These are available in various hair textures. In addition, these are advantageous when you wear a wig or a weave. Besides, these cover the natural hair providing a more natural look to the wig. It can also protect your natural hair. The wig’s hair texture or the weave & that of the closure should be similar.

Weave’s seamless sealing

These can seal at the weave from the spot it ends at the front to offer a natural look.


Women are capable of achieving their closure in size based on the size part that requires sealing. You can go to Elleloise hair to get different types of wigs, like any human hair closure, and get an appealing look. They are providing wigs, closures, and hair extensions made from original hair collected from Cambodian, Burmese, and Vietnamese women.

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