Want to Know IRCTC Agent registration fees? Your Search End Here

IRCTC e-ticketing agency is a gateway to steady income per month. Anyone having a space to start a business can apply for the IRCTC agency. To apply online, you have to contact a principal service provider (PSP) and obtain details like IRCTC agent registration fees and mandatory documents needed for agency registration.

What is IRCTC e-ticketing?

When you travel a long distance by train, you book your seat either from a travel agent nearby or book the ticket on your own through the IRCTC portal. IRCTC has eased the job further with its smartphone app. You can now install the app on your smartphone and book your ticket. This is called e-ticketing. Indian Railways has given the right to an e-ticketing system to IRCTC. The latter is a Central public limited company established for developing travel and tourism in the country.

So, you can book your ticket on your own or you can take the help of an IRCTC agent to book a ticket. For every ticket the agent provides to their customers, they earn a commission. When you book tickets with your user ID and password, you have certain limitations. But, for IRCTC agents, there are no limitations. The good news is that you can become an IRCTC agent. Just contact a PSP like Sionline, to know about IRCTC agent registration fees, documents needed for registration, and the minimum infrastructure needed for starting the business. With this service to the public, you can create a steady earning for yourself.

IRCTC agent registration fees and other charges

When you choose SiOnline for the IRCTC agent log-in ID, the application and registration charge is Rs.6000.00 which includes the charge of the dongle and processing charge. You can pay this amount in two installments. The PSP asks you to pay the first installment with the application form and the second or last installment after online verification just before your dongle and certificate are ready for delivery. This amount is refundable subject to certain terms and conditions. You must contact the customer service of PSP for complete information. Keep in mind that –

  • IRCTC has appointed PSPs for appointing IRCTC agents in any part of India but you must choose a PSP that offers state-of-the-art support service to the agents.
  • Your PSP will also provide all kinds of technical support whenever you need it.
  • The E-ticketing business that you will conduct will be under the constant guidance and care of PSP.

Your registration will be valid for two years; after that, you have to renew it for another tenure. There are again certain rules and regulations in the renewal process that SiOnline will make easy and fast for you.

Unlimited income from e-ticketing

Indian Railway is the largest railway system in the world. Every day, Indian Railways carry millions of passengers from one part of the country to another. All of these passengers need tickets and reservations. Increase your income or make it your main income – people everywhere need e-ticketing facilities. Know about IRCTC agent registration fees and apply for IRCTC agency online on the official website of a top-rated PSP like SiOnline.

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