Kadhi Cotton Saree: Types of Some Best Khadi Saree

India is known for its rich traditional and vibrant fashion. When it comes to the history of Indian clothing, Khadi certainly plays a great role and these days wearing khadi dress has become a trend in the country. Khadi is mainly made from cotton. Sometimes, silk and woolen yarn are also fixed with it. The best thing about the khadi fabric is that you can wear it in both the summer and winter seasons. Nowadays, you will get a kadhi cotton saree at an affordable rate which is perfect for women of all ages. 

Some latest Khadi saree that match your style and trend

Modern designers are experimenting with khadi in different ways. This centuries-old Indian fabric has multiple specialties and advantages. The following are some of the latest types of Khadi saree that you can select whenever you go to buy any Khadi saree:

  • Khadi Silk Saree: This is one of the best Khadi saree that is made with 50% of khadi fabric and 50% of silk fabric. The unique texture and design of this type of saree make it very classy and gives you a rich look. This type of saree comes in wide varieties and ranges. You can get this saree at your budget and it is ideal to wear for weddings and festivals.
  • Khadi Cotton Saree: This is another best Khadi saree that is made of 100% cotton. This type of saree is very light and porous which makes it suitable for any weather condition. It is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics and it can be paired with a high collared blouse which will certainly give you an elegant look. You can get such sarees online at an affordable rate. This saree is suitable for both young and older women.
  • Handloom Khadi Saree: This is one of the most demanding and popular Khadi saree that is made up of mill-pun yarn. This type of saree is highly suitable for any formal and casual occasion. This kind of saree comes in a variety of colors and textures and is ideal for women of any age and body type.
  • Khadi Printed Silk Saree: This is a coarse porous fabric and is made up of 50% cotton and 50% silk fabric. This saree has a luxurious appearance and gives you a stunning look. It also all beautifully on any body type. This saree mostly comes up with a designer touch that makes it highly suitable for festivals and any other formal or casual occasions.

Khadi has returned to the market with a bang. Indians feel proud of Khadi; it is a nice amalgamation of tradition and style. It’s no more restricted to the male domain but giving women an exclusive option to attribute style with tradition in their dresses. You don’t need to visit any market or mall, buy from amazing stocks of Kahdi sarees online.

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