Grab LA Colors Nail Polish and Try These Nail Arts this New Year

Grab LA Colors Nail Polish and Try These Nail Arts this New Year

The safest thing to play and experiment on is our nails. Yes, those little nails that we can hide and overdo in no time, whenever we want. Also, nail art in today’s time has reached another level and has become quite intriguing. In fact, Beauty Bliss experts are here to share a few of their favourite and easy-to-do nail arts.

Now come, let us have a look at the DIY nail art ideas-

Washi Tape Nails- For all stationery lovers out there, it is time to wear those cutesy and exquisite washi tapes on your nails. All you need to do is, clean your nails with wet tissue, let the nail bed dry and then cut a piece of washi tape and apply it to your nail. Do the same with all your nails, and seal them in a LA Colors top coat nail polish for a long stay. Take your filler and precision scissors to cut out the excess washi and apply another top coat. Voila! You are ready to flaunt your washi nails.

NOTE- These may not last you more than a couple of days as washi tapes have less adhesive as compared to regular tape.

The Marble Effect- If you don’t have a good collection of nail paints, or if they have dried, then try the marble effect on your nails. Take a bowl, mug, or any other utensil with a wide mouth and fill it with an adequate amount of water to dunk your fingers in. Now, take those soon-to-dry-and-die nail polish and pour it in the water. Take at least 2-3 shades, and once done, dunk your nail on the floating nail colours and dip your finger to get a good marble effect. Try this on all other nails, and have a different pattern on each of them. Exquisite!

NOTE- To make your marble nails look more enticing, give a base coat of white or neutral shade, followed by a top coat.

Polka Dot Nails- We all owe a bunch of bobby pins in our accessories box and if not, then grab a match stick or a ball pen. All we need is the tip of these objects to do the magic on our nails. Begin by giving your nails a base coat. Once dried, dip the bobby pin tip (or other object mentioned before) in a contrasting nail polish bottle and put polka dots on your nails. Once dried, finish the nail art with a top coat, and you are ready to flaunt.

NOTE- Instead of polka dot art, you can also make a heart on the tip or daisy flowers if you are feeling a little extra.

Glitter Effect- Glittery nails are a perfect pick for any celebratory occasion like birthdays, festive celebrations, etc. So, try a different type of nail this time and get your hands on LA Colors’ chunky glitter nail polish from Beauty Bliss. Just get a complimenting matte finish nail colour to go with it. Paint alternate nails with the chunky glitter nail polish and the remaining ones with contrasting or complementing matte polish. If you want, you can also use rhinestones to make the nail art more professional.

NOTE- Just to make the entire nail art clean and tidy, try to keep it balanced and clutter-free.

So, try any of these easy-to-do-at-home nail art and let us know your results. Get started with these nail art ideas, and you’ll be saving a good amount of money on those nail art salons. Get your nail essentials from Beauty Bliss and have fun creating all that you can!

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