Looking for Thermal Spraying Machine? IMC Jodhpur is Here to Help You

Looking for Thermal Spraying Machine? IMC Jodhpur is Here to Help You

Since the introduction of thermal spray technology, superintendents of plant and maintenance personnel always preferred and trusted the technology of thermal spray as a cost-efficient means of repairing damaged components and wrongly machined parts for heavy as well as light industrial equipment. Trusted and popular manufacturers like IMC Jodhpur are consistently putting their effort to make this technology more effective and attractive by developing new spray materials and systems. There are different thermal sprays technologies like Wire Flame Spray Systems, Twin Wire Arc Spray Systems, and Powder Flame Spray Systems or HVOF Systems and each one will be discussed further in this article.

More about thermal spray technology

Before you buy thermal spray systems/machines from IMC Jodhpur you should have a clear idea about the types of technology it uses. Like any other process such as chromium plating or overlay welding, thermal spraying refers to a coating process that is done through cost-effective means. The material of feedstock in the form of powder or a wire gets softened or liquefied by electricity or flame and thrust towards the work piece. While applying the coating the spray torch passes over the surface to develop a dense and strongly adherent coating. The experts understand the characteristics of this technology and enjoy its benefits at its optimum. The following are the major benefits of thermal spraying:

  • It is very cost-effective. Since the cost of repairing a damaged component or buying an entirely new one is much more than applying this technology to restore a component. Even the coating applied through this technology lasts longer than the original material used on the component.
  • The other benefit is the versatility of this technology. Almost all the metals available be they plastic or ceramic can be thermally sprayed.
  • It requires low heat. The process of thermal spray usually leaves the thermal history of the component as it is unlike fewer exceptions.
  • It can be applied to any thickness which makes it more popular among all industries. Depending on the spray system and material coatings can be applied to a more than 1-inch thick surface.
  • This involves a good amount of processing speed. The rate of spray ranges from 3-60 lb per hour which also depends on the spray system and the material. 

Different types of Thermal Spraying 

Following is a brief depiction of thermal spraying processes:

  • Wire Flame Spray System includes filling a spray torch with oxygen and any fuel gas like propylene or acetylene and it is ignited for creating a flame. The powder or wire gets injected into the flame where it gets liquefied and sprayed on the surface.
  • In Twin Wire Arc Spraying, two wires are brought into connection simultaneously to get liquefied employing an electric arc. This thermal coating is normally stronger and denser than their equivalent combustion spray coating.
  • In the powder spray flame system, the process is similar to the wire arc spraying system except for the coating material. The coating material used in this system is fed into the spraying system in powder form.

IMC manufactures all these three kinds of thermal spraying systems. These products have high demand in other manufacturing industries such as automotive, aviation, ship manufacturing, and railway component manufacturing.

End Note

IMC manufactures all kinds of thermal spray machines according to their clients’ demands. These products are exported to 25 countries across the world including Japan, the UK, China, the USA, and Russia. Needless to say, in India, they are one of the leading manufacturers of thermal spray machines.

For getting premium-quality thermal spray systems for your factory, it is best to contact IMC Jodhpur. For further details do not forget to visit their website.

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