Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees: Why is It So Popular in India?

Managalagiri is a small town in the Guntur district of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This town is well-known for manufacturing pure cotton saree that is named after the town Mangalagiri.  This saree is very beautiful and elegant and is manufactured by incorporating pit looms from the combed yarn. When it comes to cotton saree, Mangalagiri cotton sarees are quite famous in India and it is observed that women wear them on various occasions that include wedding functions, birthday party, engagement ceremonies, as well as for regular use like going to the office, attending office meetings, going to market, etc.

Reasons why Mangalagiri saree is so demanding in India

There are various reasons why the Mangalagiri saree is so demanding in India and some of the most essential reasons are listed as follows:

  • Available in a variety of colors: This type of cotton saree is available in a variety of colors and hence you can get the color of your own choice. You can also get dual as well as mixed shade in this type of saree that looks very vibrant. It certainly looks very gorgeous when a woman wears a multi-colored saree with two or more shades.
  • No embellishment: Mangalagiri cotton sarees have no embellishments on the main body. The golden or zari work could be found on the “pallu” only. The simple designs inspired by tribal works make the sarees even more attractive.
  • Do not have any threat of skin rashes: The cotton saree of this type does not give rise to any kind of skin rash. Since this type of saree is skin-friendly most dermatologists recommend their patients to wear this type of cotton saree. This cotton saree is also breathable and thus can be worn by anyone, even those who have sensitive skin as it does not cause skin irritation.
  • Affordable: This type of cotton saree is quite affordable as the price of this saree is not too high. Hence these types of sarees are worn by women of all classes irrespective of their financial status.
  • Suitable for all seasons: This type of saree can be worn in all seasons. Mangalagiri cotton fabric has a few odds of stinking which makes it breathable by nature. This also makes the saree weather efficient. This type of saree also comes up with light fabric. That is the reason why this type of saree is mostly worn by women who belong to different reasons.  

Modern designers have been working relentlessly on Mangalagiri cotton sarees to give a modern look to the sarees. These have made the sarees perfect for every women’s wardrobe.

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