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Life without a mobile phone is beyond imagination for most of us today. You accomplish dozens of jobs on your mobile. As an avid mobile or smartphone user, you want enough battery life that would keep the mobile or smartphone working all through the day. Disappointingly, as the phone gets older, the battery capacity reduces. The battery life on any given day depends on two factors. First, how we use the mobile and how we have treated the battery in past. If you are using an MI smartphone and battery life seems to end, look for MI mobile battery price online. It’s the best way to procure high-performing, long-lasting batteries at discounted prices.

Extend your battery life with some knowledge of Batteries

Here are some interesting ways to extend your battery capacity. With a little knowledge and action, the mobile battery can provide strong support for several years:

Retain maximum battery capacity

A typical Li-ion battery retains 80-85% of its charge capacity after a 300-400 charge-discharge cycle. However, keep in mind that this happens in ideal or near ideal situations when you are lucky enough to have a high-performing battery fixed in the mobile. In all other situations, the battery starts draining after the 150-200 charge-discharge cycle. So, always look for MI mobile battery price from a reliable source online. You can reduce this cycle by not charging the battery now and then. Charge the battery when it is below 30%.

Charging time extension is necessary

Many of today’s mobile battery charging devices are available with fast charging ability. This means, when the battery needs an hour to charge from 30% to 90%, the supercharger does this job in 30 minutes or even less. Charging the battery fast reduces the storage capacity of the battery. It reduces the battery life drastically. While charging a Li-ion battery, shuttling of lithium ions from one electrode to another takes place. This shuttling process is naturally slow. If you are deliberately making it fast, you are harming the battery. So, unless otherwise, you are in a hurry never use a fast-charging device.

Use battery saving mode

You can save the battery charge in multiple ways. Lower the brightness of the screen if it is unnecessarily bright.  You can put the mobile on the automatic brightness control mode or reduce the brightness manually at night. Again, some mobile apps run in the background round-the-clock. Most of these happening unnecessarily using the internet data, memory space, and battery charge. Manage these apps and restrict their applications as you need.

In any case, don’t compromise the quality of the battery. Find the right source online and get information on the MI mobile battery price instantly. Reputed online battery sellers are offering quality batteries at discounted rates.

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