Reasons Why Multiplex Advertising is Great for Your Business

Marketing a brand or a product has always been a very strategic and smart decision. The most critical decision is the means of media through which one must channelize the marketing efforts. One such popular advertising method is Multiplex advertising. As social agents, single-screen theatres are investing in upgrading their projection, seating, and audio equipment which makes them stay in the business and face the competition to meet the growing popularity. Owing to the fact that movie ads are considerably likely to have more impact than conventional TV commercials, it is a very effective type of advertising.

Cinema advertising is considered an amazing way of putting the brand forward which keeps the audience seated and captive. Known to be a powerful form of advertising as cinema commercials stay within the viewer’s memory as compared to traditional TV advertising. Some of the core benefits of investing in multiplex advertising:

  • Captive and engaged audience: First and the foremost benefit of cinema advertising which allows the audience to be captive attentive and engaged wherein they can’t swipe, skip, or mute the commercial on the big screen. Surveys indicate that cinema lovers consider advertisements as a part overall movie-watching experience and is a widely accepted form of advertising. Cinema advertising has a higher impact than TV Advertising and makes a larger impact for a longer time period.
  • Focusses the target audience: In theatres, brand owners have the option of reaching the target audience. This favors to handpick the audience that the brand attracts. For instance, an action packed movie can fit a car advertisement, based on the type of audience this movie would attract.
  • Picking the ad timing: Showcasing an advertisement to a distracted viewer via television often loses its impression. For a cinema viewer, it is visual cinema that allows you to tell your brand story which is a longer format. The advertising via multiplexes ensures a positive experience and recall.
  • Boost brand image: By projecting the brand on a big screen, as per research has eight times more impact at making a brand stand out than television.
  • Great campaign performance: Brands or campaigns take a comprehensive approach and higher reach which includes utilizing stronger promotion platforms. Multiplex advertising creates a unified and seamless experience for all consumers by using different tactics, including cinema.  
  • Boost company reputation: Having a big screen show will give an immense boost to your brand right before starting blockbuster movies.
  • Visual medium to the audience: Advertising in movies provides extensive exposure to reach a captive audience. Big screens project advertisements to watchful audience since they are not able to skip, swipe, or mute the advertisement when the same gets displayed on a large screen.
  • Close vicinity: Theatres and cinemas have their locations very close to major retail areas which act as a prime benefit of cinema advertising.

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