Non-Veg Food in Train: Many Options and Food Cooked At The Popular Restaurants

Non-Veg Food in Train: Many Options and Food Cooked At The Popular Restaurants

This is a new service that has been started by the Indian railways. Now you can order non-veg food in train through an online app. This is a service that sounds interesting and offers a good amount of comfort and convenience to people who are planning to travel by the Indian railways. Some people have not tried this service and might be a little apprehensive about it. N that case simply read o to know all about the benefits of the system.

Try new cuisine

Non-vegetarian food is complete love. Now when you travel through the Indian railways you can try some of the most mouthwatering non-vegan dishes from different parts of the country. We all know that India is a country that harbors different cultures within the borders of a single nation. Each region and its culture bring new states and flavors to the palette. The online food delivery app that delivers food to the travelers has tie-ups with some of the best restaurants in different parts of the nation. This means that this can be a great opportunity to try the local cuisine of the various regions of the nation, while you travel through that part of the country. This is one of the services that can come as a boon for food bloggers, food lovers, frequent travelers, senior citizens, children, and practically everyone travelling on trains.

Great packaging

There is no need to feel worried about the messy packaging of the food. Even if you are ordering gravy items you can be assured of the fact that the packaging of the items will be so good and impeccable that there will be no mess at all. The food will be delivered to your train seat in all good health so that you can enjoy it completely.

Good for all

The type of food that is delivered through these food partners of IRCTC is such that it happens to b suitable for consumption by one and all. Even if you have elderly people and kids travelling with you it is safe to order the same food for them. The menu available o the app is rather informative. Along with all the dished, they mention the ingredients that are used in the making. At the same time, they also mention the spice index of the item. This is how you can now order food that will be the most suitable for you and your gang. Read well before you place the order so that you can just what you need. Again these items are packed from the local restaurants that you will pass while you are travelling through a route. This is why you must be careful about the timing of placing the orders.

Travel safe and cherish your journey

Trying food on an unknown platform and stations through the route that you are traveling is not a welcome idea. This is why this online food ordering system is one of the most convenient ways to quench your appetite on train. This is also the best way to relish hundreds of different types of non-veg food in the train. Now you can order food while you are on the go, irrespective of the number of days that you travelling at a stretch. Even for people who are staying all alone and are working preparing food before each of their railway journeys can be difficult. Now they can use this service to get all the food they need and also complete their meals on time.

The process is easy. Download OLF’s app and register with them. You need to provide the PNR no so that they can trace your position easily. All kinds of delicious and your favorite non-veg food on the train will be at your fingertip.

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