Order Flavorful Varieties of Gujiya to indulge in this Holi Season from Mirchi.com

Order Flavorful Varieties of Gujiya to indulge in this Holi Season from Mirchi.com

We all know that in India no festival or celebration is complete without good food and mouth-watering desserts. One of the famous festivals in the season of spring is Holi in India. This festival of colors is enjoyed all over the country and is also popular for lots of sweet delicacies such as malpua, gujiya, dahi Bhalla, and more. A variety of sweets is offered on this auspicious day to treat loved ones.

However, if you are worried about where to get an assorted range of delicious gujiya for the guests then do not worry just rely on the popular online store Mirchi.com. They have the widest variety of sweet savory that can be fully enjoyed this Holi season.

An assorted range of Gujiya offered by Murchi.com 

Mirchi.com has come with a wide variety of lip-smacking Gujiya from different popular manufacturers located in distinct places around the country. Following is a brief illustration of some of the tastiest ones:

  • Bhim Sain Baij Nath Gujiya: This variety is shipped fresh to your doorstep from the very popular Bhim Sain Baij Nath who are said to be the inventors of Dalmoth and Petha. This vegetarian product is perfect for treating your taste buds along with your loved ones.
  • Sugarfree Kaju Tirangi Gujiya: This flavorful variety is vegetarian as well as sugar-free so any diabetic patient can also have it without any guilt. This variety of gujiya is colored with three colors green, yellow, and white which are natural and edible food colors. Moreover, the richness of cashew nuts in the mixture made you crave this gujiya more and more.
  • Sugar-free Gujiya Box: This is another sweet delicacy that is a must-have in the Holi season. The gujiya is covered with premium quality silver foil which is very good for health. Apart from that, it is loaded with the goodness of dry fruits like cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, and saffron strands. The combination of all tasty ingredients in this sweet makes it healthy as well as super-tasty.
  • Baked Karanji Gujiya: This baked variety is a healthier option for all the family members of your family. This half-moon-shaped treat is soft inside and crispy outside which makes it preferable to all. This 100% vegetarian product is prepared with semolina, all-purpose flour, cardamom powder, coconut powder, almonds, nutmeg powder, clumping nuts, cane sugar milk, raisins, salt, and clarified butter. All these ingredients are mixed into a tasty treat that is nutritious and free from any chemicals and preservatives.
  • Mawa Gujiya: This traditional recipe of Gujiya is another appetizing treat for your dear ones. It is made with utmost perfection by using milk solids, all-purpose flour, melon seeds, and charoli seeds. Once, you bite the crispy outer filling you will have the heavenly taste of the inner filling and you would not resist yourself to have more.

However, there is more variety of Gujiya available on Mirchi.com that you can serve as an assorted platter to your guests in this Holi season. Mirchi.com is one of the most reliable online platforms that ensure delivery you the freshest quality products directly from the seller and at the correct price. 

Order online this Holi

You can order varieties of Gujiya packets online on Mirchi.com sitting in the comfort of your home. These products are not available everywhere like in your local market. Buyers in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, and hundreds of other cities in India will celebrate this Holi by distributing packets of Mewa Gujiya, Sugar-free Gujiya, baled Gujiya, and many other types of Gujiya. The color of Holi with flavourful varieties of Gujiya and blessings of Lord Krishna will keep everyone happy.

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