Why Should You Order Online From Panchi Petha?

On hearing the name Panchi Petha, people start craving lip-smacking snacks like petha and a large variety of namkeen and delectable delicacies. It is a reputed name of Agra, which has won the hearts of millions with its amazing range of products. This brand is not only recognized as a sweet shop but as a symbol of happiness. The wide range of tasty namkeen and petha can bring a smile to anyone’s face irrespective of age. The skilled workers or “Karigar” of Panchi Petha not only prepare petha and namkeen but also prepare different edible products by marinating proper hygiene, and cleanliness with adherence to the food and safety standards. So, if you travel to Agra this store is a ‘must-visit’ place but if you want to relish the delicacies at your home then opting for a trustworthy online store would be the best.

Availability of assorted range of products at online store from Panchi Petha

The most popular and best-selling products of Panchi Petha from a reliable online store are depicted below:

  • Plain Dalmoth: This sour-salty and mildly spiced vegetarian snack is the favorite of all the family members. The crunchy and flavorsome plain dalmoth is freshly packed in a plastic pouch with a shelf life of 3 months.
  • Special Dalmoth: It is another variety of dalmoth that is prepared with pure ghee and multiple dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, and cashews which makes it flavorful and rich in taste. This special variety is a vegetarian product and perfect for your sudden hunger pangs.
  • Dhoda Burfi Petha: This scrumptious and yummy petha is infused with the goodness of pure butter or ghee. This vegetarian sweet is absolutely perfect for snacking. Apart from the taste, it is a healthy option as it is made by blending flours, petha, dry fruits, and pure ghee and that is why it provides a never-had-before taste.
  • Petha Sandwich: This amazing petha sandwich is prepared with a paste of cashews inside the sandwich thus providing a succulent taste. This petha sandwich is garnished with silver foil and looks delicious. Moreover, it is packed fresh in a quality cardboard container for dispatching in any corner of the globe. 
  • Aloo Lachha: It is a medium-spicy variant of namkeen which is a favorite snack of all. These are tasty and crunchy potato sticks fried in soybean oil and the perfect mixture of unique spices gives it an exquisite taste.
  • Paan Petha: It is a unique variety of petha available in Panchi Petha. It is famous as a sweet refreshment of mouth. The excellent taste and cooling sensation of paan help in good digestion of the food as well as keep the mind cool.

End Note

If you want to taste any of the varieties of Panchi Petha with your loved ones, then order it now from a trusted online store. Mirchi.com is also a famous online store that delivers fresh quality products directly from the best manufacturers and suppliers of the product.

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