Why is Paper Sweet a Huge Favourite With Everyone?

Paper sweet is also known as Poothareku or Pootharekulu and it is a hugely prevalent sweet in Andra Pradesh. This sweet remains wrapped in a thin rice starch layer that looks similar to paper. Poothareku remains stuffed with nuts, dry fruits, and sugar. People love to have it for their religious occasions, weddings, and festivals.

Pootharekulu has got this name as it is meant coated sheet. In Telegu, Pootha is meant coating and reku is meant sheet. In Atreyapuram, the making of this sweet is regarded as a cottage industry and nearly 400 families rely on the making as well as the marketing of paper sweet. The good news is that you can order this sweet delicacy sitting anywhere in India or abroad.

Some Fun Facts About Pootharekulu

People love Pootharekulu; hence, it does not seem surprising that they want to know some fun and interesting facts about this sweet:

  • Pootharekulu is prepared from gram flour or rice and it gets coated with ghee and jaggery or sugar. People who live in Atreyapuram are all experienced and competent in preparing this dessert.
  • To prepare Pootharekulu, a person should have a deftness of hands. However, preparing this sweet does not ensure sufficient income. This is the chief reason, not many people outside Atreyapuram know how to make this sweet.
  • Many humble inhabitants in Atreyapuram prepare hundreds and thousands of Pootharekulu every year and they are sent for sale in various cities and towns in India. They are also sent to several countries.
  • People love to eat Pootharekulu as it is crispy. This is the chief reason they do not mind spending their hard-earned on it.

The Making of Pootharekulu

The preparation of Pootharekuly is pretty interesting. The best thing is its making is the chief source of income for many women who live in the village of Atreyapuram. Women make a specific kind of rice batter for preparing Pootharekulu. A unique kind of rice that is used for making this dessert is called Jaya. To prepare Pootharekulu, rice is soaked for some hours. And then it is ground into a smooth batter. And then an earthen pot is inverted and heated. A fine cloth is put into the batter and taken away fast. This leaves a fine thin film of starch.

When you do this, you will get a paper-thin outer covering of the sweet. In the next step, the sheet is taken off and filled with dry fruits, powdered sugar, nuts, ghee, and various other components. They are folded into rolls expertly. At times, people prefer to use jaggery rather than sugar. Nearly every person in Atreyapuram is an expert in preparing Pootharekulu and supplying them to different manufacturers of the two states of Telegu.

Order Paper Sweet Online

Paper sweet is a delicious dessert that is hugely popular with sweet lovers for its extraordinary taste. The chief thing is you can prepare this sweet pretty easily and it has an extraordinary look due to its thin paper-like outer cover. You can order this awesome sweet item online on mirchibites.com.

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