Tips to Make Your Breakfast Healthier for Day Ahead

Tips to Make Your Breakfast Healthier for Day Ahead

Breakfast is considered the most loved and significant meal of the day when finally one gets to ‘breaks the fast. Breakfast Melbourne at Two Birds One Stone Cafe definitely a place to be in case you wish to enjoy a sumptuous morning meal packed with all the nutrients and energy you need for the day ahead.

Often people consider preparing breakfast to be the heftiest task which requires following recipes that require considerable preparation time. Especially if you are short on time and tight on budget, you wish to look for a go-to place where you can have a balanced and healthy morning meal without burning a hole in your pocket. If you have been struggling to make your breakfast a good one without making it a fancy, expensive, or time-consuming endeavor, read on to know the various alternatives to make it healthy.

  • Focus on having a balanced breakfast meal: Combine food from 3 main food groups to make it a balanced breakfast meal. Breakfast Melbourne at Two Birds One Stone Cafe fulfills the key requirement of adding a variety of simple, minimally-processed whole foods at breakfast. These recipes are handpicked and prepared with absolute meticulousness to improve diet quality and close nutrient gaps. Be confident to blend and consume foods with fiber, protein, and fat to complete balanced nutrition. You can order a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and or egg scrambled with leftover veggies and cheese or yogurt with cut-up fruit and granola.
  • Make It Simple: Breakfast in the cafe of Melbourne is usually kept as a simple affair where the menu generally combines a cup of coffee with a fulfilling breakfast meal. Considering the importance of beginning your day with nourishing food, Two Birds One Stone Cafe is a wonderful place for a grab-and-go breakfast. Ranging from peanut butter gluten-free toasts, scrambled eggs, ricotta pancakes, and sandwiches, all these are low-cost meals that can be ordered and served in minutes.
  • Always experiment: You can always try new foods to add variety and increase enjoyment in your first meal of the day. Do not hesitate from trying out culturally diverse dishes which can a hot cereal with a twist of taste, or a rice-based porridge served with toppings such as meat, spices, fresh herbs, and condiments. Be open to trying out newer recipes are new places so that your morning breakfast is novel and always a new experience.
  • Make it heavy: Remember you are eating after hours. So, treat this meal as a heavy one which still can be a combination of healthier recipes. Pick some non-traditional breakfast foods as your first meal. You can also start with leftovers which can be heated up and consumed. Toss some leftover brown rice with some gravy and a sunny-side-up egg. Combine Sriracha with a glass of milk. Go fancy with your omelets by adding some leftover veggies, meat, and cheese.
  • Always plan ahead: Mornings can be rushed or often lazy as well. So, if you are not in the mood to order from outside, you need to plan ahead of what you can do. For fancy breakfast in the morning, you can do some prep in the evening before. You can have pre-cut and packaged fruit and make a quick smoothie without much time in the morning. A banana-sliced sandwich by the side is always a treat and a no-brainer when it comes to healthy breakfast options.

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