Improve Your Kids’ Overall Performance Admitting Them To The Top CBSE Schools In Gorakhpur

CBSE, which stands for Central Board of Secondary Education, refers to an autonomous body of the Ministry of Education. It is the most trusted and popular national-level board of education in India for public (government-run or government-backed) and private schools. The government of India has been making changes in the CBSE board course curriculums due to the changes in the objectives and requirements of education.  At present, several examinations are conducted under this board. The top cbse schools in Gorakhpur have been following CBSE course curriculums and schedules. Besides, the top CBSE schools offer several other facilities to the students to impart holistic education to the students.

Admit Your Child to the Top Cbse School in Gorakhpur

CBSE has designed student-friendly course curriculums right from the primary school level to high school level. Moreover, the top CBSE schools in Gorakhpur focus on the overall physical and psychological growth of the students. The best schools in Gorakhpur under CBSE such as Vertex Global School are equipped with world class infrastructure to help the students expand their vision, intelligence, and talent.

Everything You Should Know About Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

  • Reducing the workload on the Secondary Education Commission is the main target behind setting up the board. The main task of the board was to determine the rules for the set up of secondary schools, conduct surveys, bring uniformity, etc.
  • In 1921, the first “Uttar Pradesh High School Board” was set up, keeping in mind all the essential things. Later in 1929, the government set up the “Rajputana High School and Intermediate Education Board” to expand the board.
  • When India became independent in 1947, the Indian government changed the board’s name and renamed it as Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Its head office was then set up in Delhi.
  • Then, Navodaya Vidyalayas were added under the National Policy on Education 1986, keeping in mind the board’s responsibilities.
  • Currently, about 21,274 schools are affiliated with the CBSE. Besides, twenty-five schools are there in other countries and are part of the CBSE board.
  • The board members of the organization consist of a chairman and six others. Among these six members, the highest authority members are the controller of examination and director.
  • The top CBSE Schools In Gorakhpur help the students to gain deeper knowledge on various subjects. These schools not only focus on the academic growth of the students, but also they remain concerned about the overall mental and brain development of the children.

End note

CBSE’s role in Indian school education is less to be talked about. The reason is that its contribution to the education of India is incomparable. The Central Board of Secondary Education is the only education board emphasizing the progress of talented students in our nation’s education system. In addition, the board can offer a very healthy environment to the meritorious students to help them in more different ways for boosting their skill level of intellectual development.

VERTEX GLOBAL SCHOOL is one of the most famous and top cbse schools in Gorakhpur and was founded in 2012. Right from the beginning they are emphasizing holistic education to the students. A special focus is given to nurturing the talents of the students by involving them in different co-curricular activities. The smart class, library, laboratory, computer lab, and e-learning facility are designed to ease the learning system.

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