VCDoctor: The Best Telemedicine Platform for Clinics in India

VCDoctor is a white-label telemedicine solution for your clinics. This solution makes it easy for clinics and clinicians to manage the most critical aspects of their practice remotely on their tablet, laptop, or smartphone. With VCDoctor, you can conduct virtual visits for patients outside of your local area. Here, you can also create digital records of the virtually visited patients.

VCDoctor is an All-in-one Solution for Clinics in India

VCDoctor is an all-in-one solution that aids hospitals, clinics, and healthcare organizations in managing their day-to-day operations. The provided solution consists of two use cases, namely:

  • Organization Admin
  • Location, Hospital, or Clinic Admin

The Organization Admin is the main user who can create multiple clinic admins to manage the daily tasks, like the following:

  • Creating and managing staff profiles
  • Monitoring patient’ related services
  • Orders & transactions
  • Managing & Viewing reports

You can use two panels for locations, hospitals, or clinic users at VCDoctor.

What does a Customizable White-Label Solution mean?

If you want to take your healthcare business to the next level, then you must venture into the digital world. Clinics indulging in traditional consultations are losing patients as well as business. To do the next best thing, VCDoctor can help you build your online hospitals, clinics, or even healthcare infrastructure.

We are a white-label solution provider who can customize the platform according to the requirements of our clients. Along with several benefits, VCDoctor also provides a patient panel accessible on your smartphone or system.

Why do People Prefer VCDoctor Over Other Telemedicine Solutions for Clinics?

The VCDoctor has launched its App that can be branded for your clinical practice. It will be complete with your clinic’s name and logo. The entire procedure requires no setup on your part. Be it iOS or Android, the app is customized for you quickly and straightforwardly. VCDoctor offers custom integrations with external devices, tailored to your organization’s needs.

VCDoctor understands that flexibility is the key to running Clinics

With an app-based white-label telemedicine solution, your patients can choose by completing their appointment on your telemedicine app or via a web portal. VCDoctor here reduces the need for in-clinic visits by allowing patients to ask questions and receive treatments remotely on their e-device without coming to the clinic.

Our Features:

At VCDoctor, you can leverage the following features to get a customized solution for your clinic:

  • VCDoctor offers a seamless calendar management program to manage your daily schedule
  • VCDoctor offers Queue Management and Appointment booking systems
  • VCDoctor can send e-prescriptions or treatment Advice on patients’ social channels
  • VCDoctor facilitates seamless communication with patients from anywhere
  • VCDoctor uses simple payment methods for online transactions
  • With VCDoctor, you can keep track of patient’s vitals and health with our advanced device integration techniques
  • VCDoctor has in-built pill reminders and alerts
  • VCDoctor is an easy-to-use platform

Department-level features of the VCDoctor App

VCDoctor can be customized according to your needs as it provides a white-label solution to contains all the features that a healthcare organization needs. VCDoctor also manages department-related information such as the following:

  • You can manage inventory, services, requests, and order listings at VCDoctor
  • You can receive orders for services on the VCDoctor app
  • You can dispense and execute orders as well as create invoices to be shared with the required departments
  • You can manage the patient listing and communicate with other patient coordinators on VCDoctor

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