What makes mountain climbing Kenya interesting for hikers?

What makes mountain climbing Kenya interesting for hikers?

Mountain climbing in Kenya seems like a gift and it keeps on giving, such as great rocks, faultless views, friendly locals, and superb rocks. This country proposes many rock-climbing opportunities to people like four-meter-big boulders and classic trad climbing. The chief thing is the beautiful weather of Kenya entices hikers to climb throughout the year. Mountain climbing Kenya is doing the rounds in this country for years and it continues to remain hidden as well as unknown to countless local Kenyans. This shortage of information integrated with other barriers rendered Kenyans less likely to become exposed to mountain climbing and its several benefits.

Today, mountain climbing in Kenya has turned into a female-led non-profit organization as it addresses several challenges that local Kenyans confront when they avail of mountain climbing opportunities.

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The important mountain climbing Kenyan areas

Kenya has a huge range of climbs of various toughness in traditional climbing, sport climbing, and bouldering. Again, you will come across some classic climbs too when you drive for an hour from Nairobi. Following are some crags that you can try out when you visit Kenya:

  • Lukenya Ridge –Lukenya Ridge is situated only forty-five minutes from Nairobi and it is regarded as the most well-known climbing area. If you opt for sports climbing, you must visit Baboon Cliff which proposes paths from 4 – 5b. You can also visit the Nemesis Crag where you will confront several other challenging climbs. This area has a lot of wildlife, such as impala, giraffes, zebras, more than one hundred bird species, and wildebeest.
  • Hell’s Gate National Park – If you prefer to stay at low altitudes, you need to visit this place. Hell’s Gate National Park is situated in the center of the Rift Valley which is only a couple of hours away from Nairobi. This area is famous for huge cliffs and wildlife and there are steep gorges and rock towers that propose single as well as multi-pitch trad paths.
  • Mount Kenya – Countless climbers love to scale Mount Kenya as it is the 2nd highest mountain in Africa. When you visit this place, you will find lots of high-altitude alpine close to the summit. You will also find a couple of summit peaks; Nelion and Batian that comprise some superb ice and rock routes.
  • Ol Donyo Sabache – Whenever you feel adventurous, you can visit Ol Donyo Sabache. This is a remote mountain located in Samburu East. This area boasts of only some minutes; hence, if you travel here, you need to plan well. Additionally, you must be self-sufficient too. It would be feasible to hire a local ranger and guide who can assist you in navigating the wildlife.

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The final thoughts

Kenya offers beautiful chances and treks for adventure. Hence, hundreds and thousands of trekkers look forward to mountain climbing Kenya. They also get attracted to this country due to its magnificent beauty.

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